Tax, Accounting & Compliance and other services

As Tax Advisers, Accountants and Business Advisers based in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire we offer a wide range of services.


Our team of tax experts offer a complete range of services.

At David Reed Associates, we will always assess and understand your requirements at an initial meeting and tailor our advice accordingly.

Accounting & Compliance

Unfortunately, there is considerable onus placed on businesses to comply with legal obligations, company disclosures and mandatory submissions.

Our belief is that this can all be completed effectively and efficiently for your business and thus freeing up your time to concentrate on the successful running of your company.

Take a look at some of the work we do as an introduction to our services:

Personal Tax

– we analyse and complete annual tax returns, paying specific attention to clients who have multiple sources of income and capital gains.

Remuneration Planning

– we ensure the most tax efficient method of extracting income and gains is utilised to suit your circumstances and minimise corporation tax, income and capital gains tax.

Structuring of your Business

in the most tax effective manner – we consistently deliver tax and asset protection benefits to our clients by structuring their companies effectively.

Estate Planning

– whether you have a business where we can review and change its structure, thus enabling the passing down of shares in the company to your children or if you have personal assets which you wish to pass down in the most tax efficient way; we can advise you on how to potentially avoid inheritance tax.

Selling your Business

– we always look to maximise the opportunity to structure your business ownership to minimise the amount of tax you will pay on your eventual sale. There are many opportunities to utilise entrepreneurs’ relief to maximise the net sale proceeds of your business sale.

Monitoring and advising your business on an on-going basis

– we actively provide advice and an overview to your business throughout the year and utilise our business experience by our involvement in regular management meetings.